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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject [lang] Reflection - how accurate
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 20:35:54 GMT
I've been coding up the new reflection handling code (low level) for [lang].
And I've discovered that the Sun implementation (1.3.1) is screwed.

Class A. Defines _public_ field named 'number' value 1
Class B. Subclass of A. Defines _private_ field named 'number' value 2
Interface I. Defines _public static final_ field named 'number' value 3
Class C. Subclass of B, implements I.

What value does 'number' have if you reference it from C ???

Testing shows it is 3, because the private field in B hides the public field
in A.

However, Java reflection will give you the field on A if you request it
passing in C. In other words Java 1.3.1 Sun reflection is screwed. I've just
tested it on Sun's 1.4.0 however and it gives the correct answer.

Now, I can work around this, doing lots of searches and the like, but it
will slow things down a lot.
- So how accurate do we need to be??
- Should I code the workaround just for 1.3 java??
- What about non-Sun implementations??
- What about 1.2??
- Do we care anyway, as its such a peculiar case??


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