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From "Elwin, Martin" <>
Subject RE: [HttpClient] [PATCH] HttpMultiClient Catches IOException Twic e
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 07:13:27 GMT
> From: Adrian Sutton [] 
> In HttpMultiClient (latest version in CVS) there is a catch 
> statement for
> IOException followed by HttpException, however since 
> HttpException extends
> from IOException there is no possible way the HttpException 
> catch clause can
> be activated.

Seems like a problem introduced when changing the super class of
HttpException from Exception to URIException (which inherits IOException).
>From the source of HttpException:

"Why is it from URIException?
 To simplify the programming style for the inherited exception instances."

Not sure if I'm totally convinced, though.

Anyone care to motivate why this is a Good Thing?



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