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From "Elwin, Martin" <>
Subject [HttpClient] Automatic reconnect in case of closed connection.
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:55:17 GMT
Hi all,

Please let me run this by you and let me know what you think (like if I'm
completely out of line, or not...)...

When using a web server (or proxy server) that closes the http (1.1)
connections after a certain timeout (almost all do - for instance, the
Apache Httpd does it after 15 seconds by default) a write to the
HttpConnection will fail with an IOException (or SocketException rather). I
believe that the correct thing for the HttpClient to do is to reconnect the
closed socket (_once_) and try to do the request again. The reason being, a
by the server closed socket should not be a problem when doing a request,
and therefore the HttpClient should try to establish the socket again and
try to make the request. BUT, if something goes wrong, like with the opening
of the connection or similar, a retry should not be made but rather an
exception should be thrown (the way it is now) to signal the problem to the
application using the HttpClient library.


Example code modification to

in the execute(..) method, change the line:

      processRequest(state, conn);


	try {
            processRequest(state, conn);
	catch(IOException ioe) {
            if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
                log.debug("Socket closed? Trying to reestablish
            processRequest(state, conn);


Do you think this is bad, and if that's the case, why? I've been using the
above change in my application to handle sockets closed by the Apache Httpd
configured as a forward proxy. Internally it might be wise to subclass (or
wrap) IOException so that the above case can be detected with better
certainty, instead of catching the, when it comes to streams, pretty generic



Martin Elwin
@N59.29606 E18.08052 (WGS-84)

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