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From James Turner <>
Subject VOTE: Behavior of Validator
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 17:40:49 GMT
As currently written, the Validator has what I consider a quirk.

Suppose you have two fields, username and password.  Username has 
"depends=required" and password has "depends=required.notgod" (where notgod 
is a test that makes sure that the user didn't choose god as a 
password).  The following behavior occurs:

username=blank, password=blank: two errors generated on "required"
username=blank, password=god: one error generated on "required"
username=george, password=god: one error genereated on "notgod"

This is because the Validator won't look at notgod until *all* fields pass 
the "required" test.

I think this is a broken behavior.  It leads to web forms where the user 
thinks that they've filled in all the fields correctly, but then get new 
error messages they've never seen before.  I'd like to correct this before 
Validator freezes for a release, but I want to make sure no one really 
really thinks that the current behavior is somehow the right one.  So 
please vote:

+1 = Change Validator so that this doesn't occur
0 = I don't give a hoot
-1 = I really like the way it works now (please give a reason)

I'm sending this both to Commons and Struts because both communities are 
impacted by the change.


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