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From James Turner <>
Subject Plea for committal
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 23:16:04 GMT
Although some may argue that there's a good case for committing me, this is 
in face a request for someone to commit a patch I submitted to Validator lo 
many years (ok, a month ago...)

Bug report/patch 11541 has an extension to Validator to allow validation 
rules to be written which require access to other fields on the same 
form.  It has no destablizing effect on existing code, and has been working 
faithfully for me on a live production site I maintain for more than a month.

Unfortunately, all attempts to contact David Winterfeldt have been 
fruitless.  The last communication I had with him, more than a month ago, 
indicated that his real-life work commitments were his priority right now.

The other committer for Validator is Craig, who has indicated that he 
basically doesn't want to touch anything that impacts Struts until after 
the final code freeze.  While I understand this position, I also think it's 
a little Struts-centric.  After all, I see changes and improvements being 
made to other commons packages constantly that Struts depends on.

More importantly, I think that this patch fixes one of the major 
deficiencies in the current Validator/Struts Validator Framework 
implementation, which is that you can't write validation rules like "Only 
validate field X if field Y is not blank".  I've implemented a highly 
complex set of forms with cross-dependencies with this patch in place.

It's pretty frustrating to see stuff just float around in space.  I don't 
think it's unreasonable  to expect the primary committer for a package to 
respond within a month's time.  I don't mean this as a slight against 
David, but I'm pretty much at my wit's end.


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