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From Ortwin Gl├╝ck <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] Preferences Architecture Implementation Draft
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 08:49:32 GMT
Jeff Dever wrote:
> Hey Odi,
> I just made a few minor additions. 


 > We also have to be careful of the
> NumberFormatExceptions that will be thrown by the parseInt() type calls.
> Perhaps there should be a ConfigurationException? 

Yes I was thinking about this as well. "Problem" here: you have to catch 
those ConfigurationExceptions somewhere (looks ugly) or make 
ConfigurationException a RuntimeException.

 > Also I think that these
> related classes should be in their own package, such as httpclient.config.

Yes why not.

> I am a little concerned about the use of the configuration object.  I would
> expect calls to this to look like:
> String httpVersion = config.getStringValue("http.version");
> It seems a little verbose if it has to be used frequently.

True but I don't see a shorter way to do it really. Do you? Of course we 
could use shorter method names...

 > At the same
> time, we will have to be careful not to "cache" these values in case a user
> changes the config value during runtime.  

I really have to think the architecture over again. Maybe Configuration 
will not be immutable.

We need one Configuration instance that can be shared among HttpClient 
or a HttpConnection and its Methods. This OR makes things really 
difficult. Who should hold the configuration object? I don't want the 
user having to supply a Configuration object. He should only need to 
supply Properties (patches) if needed.
Making it a singleton does not help because we may want several 
HttpClients that use different settings.

> I think that this is a pretty good start.  There are some bugs for
> configuration that are already opened:
> These bugs are targeted for HttpClient 2.1.  Question: do people want this
> in the 2.0 release?

I want it :-)

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