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From Ryan Hoegg <>
Subject Re: [httpclient] Content-Length handling
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 17:10:35 GMT
You are right.  If we wait, we are basically falling back to waiting for 
the server to close the connection in every case.  I believe that 
HttpClient behaves correctly.  I have already pursued this with the 
appropriate HTTP servers :)

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

Ortwin Gl├╝ck wrote:

> My point of view:
> We should primarily stick to the RFCs. (Yes I know there are other 
> interest groups who do server testing). If there are servers that have 
> a faulty HTTP implementation that's their problem (which should be 
> corrected), not ours. Better write to them :-)
> But the actual problem here is more: How can we determine that the 
> content-length was reported too small?
> Imagine the following situation:
> Server reports content-lenth 1000 bytes. The actual content is 1015 
> bytes. After 10 bytes the server pauses (maybe because of network jam) 
> and after some seconds the remaining 15 bytes arrive. There is 
> absolutely no reason why the client should wait (for how long?) for 
> more data after it has received the reported number of bytes.
> So we can not detect this in general, right?

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