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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [collections] [PATCH] Adding singleton List, Set & Map
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 13:09:52 GMT wrote:
 >> from:    "Michael A. Smith" <> In the past we've
 >> tried avoiding duplicating functionality provided in the JDK
 >> because the collections is supposed to "fill the holes" that Sun
 >> left, not duplicate the stuff they had already implemented.  Since
 >> two of these only exist in 1.3, and we try to target 1.2, maybe we
 >> should revisit the issue?
 > You know my view on this already...I would like to see our API
 > provide methods that forward to the JDK methods as appropriate (or
 > provide implementations for 1.2). As has been said before IIRC, if
 > the JDK Collections class had a non-private constructor we probably
 > would have subclassed it.

Still, how would you want to deal with a method that was added in 1.3? 
We wouldn't be able to just forward the method call on because the 
method will not exist in the 1.2 environment.  Additionally, users of 
1.2 wouldn't have access to those methods added in 1.3, so it's not 
necessarily duplicating that functionality provided by sun in the 1.2 


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