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From Jeff Dever <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] Thoughts on RFE 10790
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 02:09:07 GMT
I've spent some time considering this too.  The digester/xml or betwixt setup
would be interesting, but first we should consider simpler solutions, such as

BTW: the bug is targeted for a 2.1 release.  Unless there is a compelling reason
for having this in 2.0, this discussion should really be postponed untill we
release 2.0.

Ryan Lubke wrote:

> I'd like to get a discussion going on how best to tackle
> the RFE described by 10790
>  -
> The RFE basically requests that instead of having a global flag
> to make an entire request compliant or not, that it would be desirable
> to make each existing behavior currently affected by this flag
> configurable independent of each other.
> So one thought I had was the possibility of a ConfigurationContext
> implemented as a Singleton.  The user can configure the
> ConfigurationContext via an XML configuration file and possibly use
> Digester to parse the XML and provide the initial values to the
> ConfigurationContext.  The users can access the ConfigurationContext via
> a factory method where once they have the instance, they can use setters
> and getters to access specific properties at runtime.
> HttpMethodBase would then interrogate the ConfigurationContext for its
> behavior path during execution.
> I guess this could be taken further and have a ConfigurationContext for
> each type of Method (i.e. a context for GetMethods, a context for
> PostMethods, etc).  This would provide a finer granularity of control.
> I've got a proof of concept in the works, but would appreciate feedback
> on if this is going in a good direction or if there is a better
> alternative someone has been kicking around but hasn't been able to
> implement.
> Thoughts?  Comments?

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