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Subject Re: [lang] Builders complete?
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 12:11:38 GMT
>  from:    Steve Downey <>
> Post release, there should also be a discussion of introspectionX versions of 
> the reflectionX methods. I know we ruled it out of scope for [lang], since 
> it's more of a bean thing. But the builder classes aren't things that 
> [beanutils] is really doing, at least at the moment. And duplicating the 
> XBuilder classes in [beanutils] doesn't really seem to me to be a good way of 
> serving our clients.

This is the cyclic dependency issue I raised a long time ago. There's no simple solution.
Unless [beanutils] merges with [lang].
> [Read this as, I've got a really dandy use of ToStringBuilder in mind, except 
> that the classes I've got to work with don't have fields, just 
> getter/setters. Database row objects, generated by Oracle's jpub.]

I guess you are thinking about using the DynaBean classes from BeanUtils. These are fine,
but are too bean specific for my tastes. 

I've been trying to play with a new [clazz] project. This would define an interface based
definition for a class, like DynaBean, but have lots of supporting code for introspecting
values in different ways. Ideally, it would then extend to include BCEL generation. But there
are lack of time pressures ;-)


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