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From otisg <>
Subject Re: Re: [httpclient] max response size
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:59:30 GMT

> >Is it possible to specify the max number of
> >bytes to retrieve from a response?  Consider
> >the case where HttpClient can fall into a
> >'crawler trap', or simply encounter a
> >response with no end.  This would break an
> >application using HttpClient.
> >So I'm wondering if developers think that it
> >would be good to have the ability to
> >restrict the size of retrieved response to
> >some number of bytes, built into HttpClient?
> >
> I am not a committer, but I think this
functionality is not in the 
> package as yet.
> I think this is a potentially useful idea,
but another way to do it is 
> with a response timeout instead of a
maximum size.  Any committers want 
> to jump in?

Response idea is a must, but it's not really
the same thing. :)


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