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From "Serge Knystautas" <>
Subject Re: [lang] status of CalendarUtils proposal
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2002 18:37:32 GMT
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From: "Steven Caswell" <>

> I'm in a quandry over how to do a separate DateUtils.  I've got a couple
> of things that would go into it that are stricly Date-related. What I'm
> not clear on is whether stuff already in CalendarUtils should move into
> DateUtils.  For example, there is a Date version of truncate and a
> Calendar version of truncate. They do the same thing but with different
> types as input. Should the Date version of truncate move to DateUtils?
> Does it make sense to separate the different versions of the same
> operation based solely on parameter/return type? Does that complicate or
> simplify the API?

What kind of functions did you have in mind that were strictly Date only?  I
don't really think of them as that different, so was curious as to what you
would have in one but not the other?  I wrote that CalendarUtils to accept a
Date in any parameter that takes a Calendar because it's easy to go from
Calendar -> Date (with the getTime() method), but Date -> Calendar is

Serge Knystautas
Loki Technologies

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