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From Daniel Rall <>
Subject Re: DBCP/LANG
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2002 18:04:07 GMT writes:

> First issue: there is now a dependency of DBCP on lang. It doesn't apear 
> in proposal, and I don't remember any vote on this.
> AFAIK [lang] has not been released - that causes problems for projects
> using dbcp. ( tomcat will probably have to either wait for a 1.0 release 
> of lang or drop use of dbcp ). 

When answering a dependency question, one must always look at what
value use of a dependency provides (as you do below).

> I took a look at the use, there are few
> ObjectUtils.equals() - which is a simple equal with checks for nulls. 
> And there is  deserialize() that just wrap the original exception
> in a runtime exception - a very bad thing IMHO. 

A rather unclear name, as well.  I wouldn't thing "exceptions" when
seeing the name "deserialize".

> Regarding the wrapper exception - NestableException - I find it very
> wrong. 

Would you elaborate?  Were you referring only to its use in [dbcp], or
to the entire class?

> Having a common tool to manipluate exceptions would be great - but 
> I don't think this is the one. 
> There is a very common pattern ( getCause() ) used in most exceptions,

NestableException includes a getCause() method; I'm unsure where
you're taking me with this comment.  :-)

> and there is already code to use introspection to walk the exception
> hierarchy. Introducing a new type and expecting projects to change their
> APIs ( exceptions are part of the API ) to use it is wrong - especially
> when there are solutions without tight coupling.

I'd like to take a look.  URL?  Note that the code from
NestableException pre-dates both Tomcat and JDK 1.4.

Daniel Rall <>

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