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From Matthew Firth <>
Subject re: [DBCP] NamedDataSourceFactory to share DataSources between Servlet Contexts
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 23:48:24 GMT

looks neat - now all you need is for Glenn Nielsen to commit it
for you!


>>> Isaac Arias <> 23/08/02 9:16:22 >>>
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you 100%. It
makes more sense to use inheritance. I have made the
changes you proposed (except that I'm recycling the
dataSource variable) and compiled it. I tested it in
one of our development servers and it seems to work
fine (no reason why it shouldn't :).

I'm attaching the new file. Let me know if you think
about other ways of making this work. The
<global-naming-resources> in Tomcat 4.1 should make
this superfluous but until then...

Thanks again,

Isaac Arias - CTO
Tokenzone, Inc.

--- Matthew Firth <>
> Isaac,
> My thought would be that an extension of
> BasicDataSourceFactory is
> better than creating a paralell implementation.   If
> new resource
> parameters are supported by BasicDataSource &
> BasicDataSourceFactory (I
> have a list of them I plan to add sometime....) then
> this will work
> transparantly - i.e. without having to place
> identical changes into two
> separate classes.
> I would have implemented it as below.  No idea if
> this code even compiles,
> let alone functions properly (and will probably be
> mangled by MTAs
> everywhere).  My apologies if there something
> obvious here that I have
> overlooked & grossly simplified!
> matthew

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