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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [lang] Math class
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 19:14:37 GMT

I don't see any theoretical reasons why not. It obeys the Proposal of
Lang. However, I do have some devil's advocate negativeness:

1) Math stuff is a big sinkingsand of a project. Where do we draw a line?
Common algorithms etc?

2) Who are we competing with. There has been a lot of work in providing
standardised Math libraries, some of which are up for JSR's.

3) Which 'number' type do we support. int/float/etc. How overloaded would
it all be. [this isn't so much a negative as an initial design decision].


1 is not a major worry. We would probably put the code either in
NumberUtils or in commons.lang.math. Breaking this off into another
project is possible if Math got enourmous.

2 has options. How quickly are the JSR's moving. JDK 1.5 will have some
decimal enhancements, but I think it's mainly under the Class structure
and not new methods.
What licences are competitors using? If the Complex number options were
privately licened [they're not. vnmath is public I think and a JSR I
think] then having a Complex number class would be important.


The examples you give could fit in NumberUtils [though Stephen has
suggested Collections as well]. Minimum and Maximum are already there and
simple things like average and sum would fit there. Until it got more
powerful, I wouldn't envisage going more into Maths.

But definitely not an area that is an immediat No for Lang. Just one to
convince us on :)


On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Mika Riekkinen wrote:

> Hi!
> I was wondering if commons-lang would start a
> new set of utilities; Math. This would be comparable
> in spirit, to one found in java.lang.Math.
> It could contain some math functions missing from
> java.lang.Math counterpart. Something like
> average(...), sum(...), etc.
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