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Subject Re: Newsletter - Commons-Discovery
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 15:03:10 GMT

     New subproject that represents the recurring pattern (JAXP/Xerces, 
commons-logging, ??) for finding a class implementing a given interface. 
Locating, instantiating, and caching (assumes singletons, or at least 
singletons within some context) of classes (factories), and locating 
property files for configuring same.  Includes best-practices guide for 

     As a separate subproject, I (and I assume others as the interest 
strikes them) am more inclined to devote some effort to improving 
efficiency and increasing smarts of this facility.  In this light, current 
improvements over original code (extracted from commons-logging):

- minimizes 'redundant' class loaders (but doesn't eliminate)
- provides logical 'grouping', allows different groups of 
components/applications to maintain different factories.
- seeking for better/smarter caching mechanism.


Richard A. Sitze
IBM WebSphere WebServices Development


For the dry run in May and issue #1 in June I took the task of editing
together the commons entry myself but the coverage was unevenly weighted
towards the components that I've used. Due to this and because I'm short
of time this week I thought I'd try and open the process up a little.

I need summaries of activities / decsiisons / news in July from the
various commons projects.  If someone wants to edit together the full
submission and send it to me that would be appreciated, otherwise could
someone from each component just reply to this mail with a
sentence/paragraph or two in summary?

Thanks in advance,


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