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From Richard Sitze <>
Subject [discovery] tag, your it (vote)
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 22:53:42 GMT
OK... here is where I'm at before I leave for a week:

a) removed ResourceName... however ResourceNameIterator & 
ResourceNameDiscover remain for the moment (I'm still hung up on types).
b) the interface still needs a lot of work.  It can be much *more* 
flexible, as Costin has pointed out.  I'm all for that.
c)  It sounds like what Costin has proposed for 'DiscoverySource' is a 
generalization of what I'm doing with ClassLoaders.  If so, it's an 
evolutionary step in the right direction.  +1.
d) All the fun aside, it's outside the scope of what I'm getting paid to 
do :-(, so my time for such is becoming more and more limited (beside, I 
can only say "it's work, dear", so many times in the evenings before my 
boss gets in trouble with my wife :-).
e) On the other hand, what we have now meets my immediate needs (I can 
always *need* more later ;-).
f) I need a fairly stable version committed in preparation for the 
(expected) Axis 1.0 release, sometime in the next few weeks.  I can 
probably wait as long as the 13th.

So... with those points in mind, I'm going to take Costin up on an earlier 
statement and propose a VOTE for a (very) early release of discovery.

Looking forward:
- the Interface *IS* in flux 
- It would be great if folks would take some time to play with it, develop 
some opinions and ideas, and figure out what the heck Costin & Richard 
have done to it over the last two weeks (remember, the interface is in 
- the Interface *IS* in flux 
- The iterface in* has been fairly stable.  If single 
resource/class/instance discovery is good enough for you, go there.  I'll 
keep maintaining it (they do USE the low level stuff, despite the churn) 
until we get through the low level detail and can rethink the support 
tools.  I don't see why, at this point, they would change much.
- the Interface *IS* in flux 

I will be around tomorrow, so if anyone sees any immediate 
show-stoppers/problems, please raise them ASAP.  After that, I'll be back 
September 9th.  If someone else hasn't already done so, I'll follow up on 
the vote then.


Richard A. Sitze
IBM WebSphere WebServices Development

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