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Subject [discovery] Vote II, are we ready for RC1?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 22:26:13 GMT
I'm once again ready to push out an RC1.  I could ask for comments, but 
that doesn't seem to generate as much interest as calling for a vote!  So, 
here is my

+1   for releasing commons-discovery RC1


I believe I've resolved the serious issues.  A few highlights of 
significant changes:

- removed life-cycle support.  We can add features to help support later, 
if someone so desires (via events).

- a reasonable (probably still too many) set of 'find' and 'newInstance' 
methods.  [If you want more control, use Environment, SPInterface, and 
ImplClass directly]

- moved 'don't-depend-on-me' code OUT of discovery & discovery.base 
packages, into discovery.tooling package.

- removed caching-by-groupContext.  I still use the groupContext to 
qualify various properties & property file names, but the more I think 
about it, the more I don't want it in the cache yet.  It's easier to add 
than remove later... so it's gone.


Richard A. Sitze
IBM WebSphere WebServices Development

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