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From Ola Berg <>
Subject Re: [OT] Newcomers
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 21:53:24 GMT
costinm writes:
>What I resent is people forgeting the goal of commons - to provide a way 
>for jakarta projects to share code - and writing code \'for the sake of
>writing code\'. Not having a real use for the code in a project... 
>It is perfectly reasonable for \'newcomers\' who need a piece of 
>commons software to behave in a way that makes it useable for 
>them to make those changes. It is expected that those using the
>code in real projects will use their votes to make sure the 
>changes are not breaking their stuff.

bayard writes:
>I apologise. I was working under the misunderstanding that I was helping
>to build a nice common library that enhance the existing JDK,

I got the same impression as Henri did, from the commons charter. After all these flames back
and forth, I have re-read the charter and proposal and found that if you know that \"commons\"
originally meant \"common to jakarta projects\", you will have one impression of the meaning
of the charter; and if you come from the outside without the background history, Henri\'s
and mine interpretation (\"common code for the whole world\") isn\'t illogical.

No wonder you elders gets pissed off sometimes when we come in with an attitude that seems
to break what you know was the original intention of commons. Sorry.

I thought that what we was doing here was unifying the utilities that we all, by experience,
have collected during the years, or missed in JDK, from existing jakarta projects as well
as from other places. Reuse in a wider scope than just within other jakarta projects. 

In that scenario, breaking backwards compatibility with jakarta projects is bad, but not worse
than breaking backwards compatibility with anything else. Unifying on what the community by
collective experience feels is the best way means sacrificing how one used to do things sometimes.

I suggest that:

1) I and other newcomers change our attitude

2) The wording in the guidelines for the commons project are changed as to more clearly reflect
the original intention of the project. Since I wasn\'t the only one misunderstanding this,
I think a clarification is justified.  


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