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From Ola Berg <>
Subject Re: [commons]NPE or IAE?
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:02:31 GMT
Hen says:

>I do recall this coming up in Collections and I think they chose to throw
>NPE if null was passed in and not IAE, I think because Sun stated that for

Collections is a special case. And there is a good case against many of the conventions from
SUN re Collections. The o.a.c.collection team must adhere to what SUN says (contract wise),
but what about the rest of us. Other API:s from SUN has different conventions on this.

>I would be tempted to think that Collections would be best placed for this
>and am +1 for Lang/Util/IO to adhere any coding standard which Collections

With the Collections API being a special case, I don\'t think collection conventions should
be the standard (a _non_ binding -1 from me that is). I am all for whatever \"lang\" decides
upon, though. As long as they go for either IAE or \"do as you please\" :-)


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