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From Ola Berg <>
Subject [pattern][lang] Calling thee, O Good Lords of Avalon...
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2002 20:36:04 GMT
... please consider listen to an unworthy [common] low-life peasant:

>2. there are already projects in commons that define interfaces, like 
>commons-logging and commons-discovery, etc

I then request permission of you, mighty Masters, to use such interfaces of such great value
without having to depend on the whole high-level package, if You don\'t mind.

>> I personally think enums should be in collections - but in any case 
>> as long as they are \'utils\' you use, not new interfaces ( Iterator is 
>> just fine for interface ). I think commons is ok.

> +1

Sire, some of us unworthy peasants like to use enumerated types (like in C code of the Ancient
Times), and therefore created an Enum class. I hope you don\'t mind the name resembling the
ol\' iterator of arcane Java named \'Enumeration\', which as you so wisely pointed out, Honorable
Knight, belongs in a collections package. 

>Not design patterns, but arbitrary interfaces and 
>then attempts to get people to use those interfaces - things like
>Factory, Identifier, Immutable, Identifiable, Command, Predicate, etc.
>They probably belong in avalon or another project, I personally don\'t 
>think commons is the right place. Sorry. 

Oh Sire, I hope we, low-level creatures as we are, did upset your feelings when we dare come
up with such a bold proposal. It is just that the common interfaces we discuss already are
in numerous of projects, among peasants that is, so we just thougth that we could help each
other by sharing them. It is not much, we know, but a lowly peasant don\'t have a full blown
frame-work at his hands. 

>AAAAgghhhhhh >:-O
>You want to put Avalon in commons!

Excuse me Sire, don\'t kill me, please don\'t kill me! I forgot that You, knights of Avalon
have total monopoly on object life cycle methods and that no other mechanism of object configuration,
object recycling, object identification, object pooling, object transformation object foobarilaization
are tolerated in this great country of yours. 

As the charter clearly states at

\"Life cycle mechanisms belong in Avalon and Avalon only. If you want to do component life
cycle management, do it the Avalon way, using the Avalon classes or don\'t. There will never
be another component framework or part thereof on this part of the Earth than Microsof.. I
mean Avalon\"

(who actually likes Avalon)
0733 - 99 99 17

0733 - 99 99 17

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