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From Ola Berg <>
Subject RE: [pattern] ThrowableHandler
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 20:29:28 GMT
>> There is this other pattern called Command, where a Command 
>> object is an encapsulation of a command call of some sort 
>> (with parameters and everything), that you use fx when you do 
>> undo/redo, or implement command queues. Like the State 
>> pattern for state changes.

>That is a closure.
Isn\'t is strange then that Closure is recieving objects to handle/act upon, instead of encapsulating
the Action (that you send to some Machine, like in the undo/redo case)? Or am I just plain
stupid here? 

>> BTW, I find the term Closure a bit vague.

>Why vague? Closures are a well known construct that have been around for a
>long, long time. Certainly decades before people started talking about
>design patterns.

Ah, well I said that the term appeared vague to me, not that it was vague in itself ;-) Since
I started to program OO professionally first in the late 90\'s, I am too young in the business
(albeit not on earth) to remember. The Command pattern is what I remember (and I never bothered
to learn the synonyms). 


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