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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] (re-vote) XxxUtils constructors
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 20:45:34 GMT
On 8/22/02 4:28 PM, "" <> wrote:

> On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>>> What would be the Velocity change needed for this? Could someone who knows
>>> velocity show me how velocity usage of StringUtils looks now and how it
>>> would look with this change?
>>> Vel is always on my todo list it seems.
>> What would I change in Velocity?  I would fork the string utils code and
>> bring it back into velocity or turbine
> I think it would be much better to fork it and keep it in commons.
> My +1 for adding it to commons - and +1 for using the forks in the
> other projects that need this functionality.


Ok - I didn't think that far.  That's a better idea.

All : There is something very scary when Costin and I align so closely on an
issue.  Remember - Costin isn't a Velocity developer or a Velocity user.
You could argue that I'm biased because of my Velocity involvement or my
participation in getting that code to commons, but there is no way that same
claim can be made about Costin.  He's a pointy-bracket guy all the way :)

>> Pain in the ass, but beats this inanity.  To avoid arguing with the purists
>> over coding conventions
>>  public StringUtils() {
>>  }
>> [X] +1
>> [ ] +0
>> [ ] -0
>> [ ] -1
> And make sure that you monitor your code in the future and -1 any change
> that brakes something. That's what the veto is supposed to do.

You are right.  

In my defense, I have tried to approach this discussion as an interested
customer of the codebase, and a concerned citizen of the commons, not as one
of the initial contributors to the codebase trying to 'keep control' or
something like that.

I am happy to state that tremendous progress has been made with the software
since it's introduction here, and all of that progress has had nothing to do
with me....  I certainly defer to the current active committers on all
things related to the software that don't burn me as a user, nor move it in
a direction I think is counter to the commons philosophy.

Geir Magnusson Jr. 
Research & Development, Adeptra Inc.

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