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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject [VOTE] Addition to the Commons charter: coding conventions ( Take 3)
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 07:44:35 GMT
Taking into account Daniel Rall's comment this time. Sorry about all the
changes, but I'd prefer to refine the text before most people read it and
cast their votes.

John McNally brought up a good point about the location of the coding
convention specification. Here's a slightly amended proposal which takes
that into account.

>From the various threads on this subject, I feel that we've more or less
reached informal concensus, so I'd like to make a concrete proposal and call
for a vote.

I propose to make the following changes to the Guidelines section of the
Commons charter:

1) Replace the 3rd sentence of item 17 with the following:

Proposals are to identify the rationale for the package, its scope, its
interaction with other packages and products, the Commons resources, if any,
to be created, the initial source from which the package is to be created,
the coding conventions used for the package (if different from the Sun
coding conventions), and the initial set of committers.

The only change here is the addition of the item about coding conventions.

2) After the current item 20 (which is about the CVS repository):

21. Each Commons component should use an internally consistent and
documented coding style. When the source code for a component originates in
a pre-existing code base outside of Commons, the coding style of that code
base may be retained at the discretion of the initial committers. If a
component does not specify its coding style, the Sun Coding Convention
guidelines are assumed.

(Acknowledgements to Morgan for most of this wording.)

In addition, I propose the following addition to the Example Package
Proposal of the charter:

(2.2) identify the coding conventions for this package

The code uses the conventions from the Jakarta Turbine package.

The above changes have my +1.

Martin Cooper

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