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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [Collections] Release potential?
Date Sat, 17 Aug 2002 22:37:31 GMT
Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> From: "Jack, Paul" <>
>>Actually, I think I answered my own question.  It's a big enough
>>issue that I think we should delay it until after the next release.
>>So, I'll take out the bounded stuff.  Curses!
> You could just comment out the public factory methods. I'm not sure if thats
> acceptable to Michael.

As I was reading Paul's email, I was thinking to myself "we should just 
delay exposing the feature for this release so we can adequately deal 
with the issues without holding up the release"  and then I got to the 
part where he said my exact thoughts.  :)

Commenting out the public factory methods should be sufficient to not 
expose the functionality, right?  If we're planning on adding the stuff 
later once the potential issues are resolved, I don't care if the code 
is still there as long as it's not accessible.  Although, there 
definately should be a comment in the code as to *why* the code is 
commented out...


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