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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [Collections] things left to do
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 12:25:49 GMT
Jack, Paul wrote:
> I've decided to leave MultiMap alone for this release, as it
> has many issues and I'd like to see some discussion on how
> best to solve them.  So I'm going to mark bug#9573 as "later".


> Similarly for the feature requests #9422 and #9423.


> I think #9573 will be dealt with when the actual release is done.

meaning post-release?  at first, I thought the mere act of releasing 
would fix this bug...  maybe I'm just too tired...  :)

> So that's the whole bug list.
> I'd like to see the collection views of StaticBucketMap be 
> backed by the map.  There are a number of problems, there,
> however.  Mostly:
> A.)  How do you detect ConcurrentModifications?

I would think this would be the same way that we do in all the other 
collections.  what are the issues?

> B.)  Bulk operations (Map.putAll and collection view
> retainAll(), clear() and removeAll()) can't possibly 
> be atomic.  The Map contract doesn't specify whether
> or not that's legal so I have to assume it's okay, but
> users will probably find it disconcerting.  Does anyone
> have any ideas here?

good question...  I'll think about this some...

> There's a lot of documentation that needs written.  Like
> the ENTIRE primitives package.  
> Otherwise I think we're in good shape...

I think we should also finish the merge from avalon.  that way avalon 
can drop in collections as their replacement.  Specifically,


"BinaryHeap, PriorityQueue, and BucketMap have changed in Avalon since
they were copied to commons.  There have been changes in the commons
version as well, so merging may not be easy (it isn't helped by the fact
that avalon's code was restylized)."

It's possible more has changed since I wrote that just over a month ago.


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