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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release for BeanUtils 1.4, Digester 1.3 and Logging 1.0.1
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 19:11:23 GMT
robert burrell donkin wrote:
> On Saturday, August 10, 2002, at 05:35 PM, Michael A. Smith wrote:
>> Sorry, but I need to -1.  I don't think we should release components 
>> without a release manager, and without a candidate build (otherwise, 
>> what are you actually releasing?).
>> btw, I'm in favor (+0) of the actual releases once there's a release 
>> manager and a candidate build.
> craig and scott are both experienced release manager who are involved 
> with all components. hopefully one or the other will volunteer.

or you can volunteer knowing they are there if you need them.  :)

> if you look at the archives, the release has been discussed at length 
> but the general feeling has been that we need to push towards a vote. we 
> need to start the release process.

understand...  at the start of the release process is the release plan 
and a release manager, not a vote to release.

> maybe i should have added 'plan' to the title but i think that everyone 
> who's been following knows what i meant. but it's not really a plan - 
> since the plan is for someone to volunteer to act as release manager and 
> then release what's currently in cvs.

As it currently stands, you're right, it's not a release plan.  It 
sounds much more like the "short term plans" to construct a release plan 
(consisting entirely of cutting the final release candidate) and ask for 
volunteers for a release manager.  None of which requires a vote as far 
as I'm aware...

> since your reasons apply only to the actual release of a candidate build 
> rather than the starting of the release process based on the code 
> currently in cvs, your veto would appear to be invalid.

yes, in a way, my vote is invalid, but only because the vote request 
itself seems to be invalid to me.  Don't need a vote to start the 
release process.


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