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From Martin Poeschl <>
Subject Re: [dbcp]
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 13:46:16 GMT
John McNally wrote:
> Several weeks ago, I asked to move the main pool in sandbox/jdbc2pool
> into dbcp.  This move was approved, though I was asked to wait until
> after a 1.0 release, I presumed this would have happened by now.
> I'm not sure what the timetable is for a release, but I would prefer
> that the jdbc2pool code be part of the release.  I have went ahead and
> imported the jdbc2pool code, if anyone is really against this pool going
> into the release, -1 and I will remove it or maybe the two packages that
> make up the new code can just be left out of the build while releasing. 
> But the work of maintaining two versions while waiting for a release was
> annoying.

as the changes seem to be ok for everyone we should remove the sandbox/jdbc2pool stuff.

a dbcp release including the jdbc2pool would be good as it will be part of the torque release.


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