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From Jeff Dever <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient][Request] Ability to debranch some logic
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 05:18:44 GMT
Hey Vincent,

I spent about 6 hours refactoring that method before I guessed at your problem.
The current behaviour surrounding authentication is:
1) create the http method
2) if preemptive authentication is turned on, an authenticate header is added
3) the method is executed
4) If a 401 is received, the authentication header is added
4.1) the method is re executed
4.2) if a 401 is received again, execute gives up and returns a 401 error code.

So I am guessing that somewhere you are setting the correct authentication
credentials for the realm that you are making the request on because you are
getting a 200-OK response.  So if you want to get a 401, dont set any valid
credentials.  If that does not work, we'll get you a new nightly and work with
you on it.

I beleive that I have a fix for you infinite loop problem as well.  I have not
committed it yet as I want to polish it a bit and get the other guys to look it
over first.  It could still have another method factored out of it but I didn't
want to change the world in a day ;-)

Vincent Massol wrote:

> dIon,
> Thanks. I am probably blind but I can't find an example of any 401 test
> in the URL you provided (authentication). I can test all response codes
> fine with HttpClient except 401, hence my initial email.
> Here is the HttpClient code that is involved (I think) :
>             if (HttpStatus.SC_UNAUTHORIZED == statusCode) {
>                 Header wwwauth = getResponseHeader("WWW-Authenticate");
>                 if (null != wwwauth) {
> [some code to send another request to authenticate]
> I haven't followed closely the code but I don't see any code to debranch
> this. For redirects it works fine as the code is :
>             } else if (HttpStatus.SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY == statusCode ||
>                HttpStatus.SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY == statusCode ||
>                HttpStatus.SC_TEMPORARY_REDIRECT == statusCode) {
>                 if (getFollowRedirects()) {
> [...]
> thus getFollowRedirects() returns false is HttpClient is set not to
> follow redirects.
> As I don't follow all the code for authentication, can someone from
> HttpClient tell me if it is possible to test a 401 response coming from
> the server without HttpClient intercepting it ?
> Thanks
> -Vincent

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