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From Morgan Delagrange <>
Subject RE: Coding conventions in Commons
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 15:33:53 GMT

--- Martin Cooper <>
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> > Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 8:27 PM
> > To: Martin Cooper; 'Jakarta Commons Developers
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> > Subject: RE: Coding conventions in Commons
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> > If you're saying that the entire Commons project
> > should dictate the Sun Coding Convention for all
> > components, here I disagree.  Per-component coding
> > styles is the de-facto methodology in Commons and
> has
> > not caused any difficulties to date (to my
> knowledge).
> >  I think requiring a particular coding convention
> is
> > contrary to sense and the spirit of sharing.  
> Apparently, that is what I said, but it wasn't what
> I meant. Poor wording on
> my part.
> What I meant to say is that conventions should be
> defined for a body of
> code, based on criteria that do not involve the
> individual contributors to
> that body of code. That is, if I pick up a stalled
> Commons component (i.e.
> one which is not being actively developed and/or
> maintained), then it is not
> OK to reformat the code to my personal preferred
> style just because I want
> to. However, the style of an originating code base
> for a body of code is a
> suitable criterion for the retention of that style.

I would agree that changing coding styles in
mid-project is awkward at best.

> As for whether the granularity of a "body of code"
> is the Commons project or
> each Commons component, I am ambivalent. I can
> understand arguments for
> either approach.

I'm not ambivalent.  I think the majority of the
maintainers should make the call.  

I don't think this results in components with
completely off-the-wall formatting.  If we receive a
tab-indented component with no Javadocs and the
maintainers have no interest in more sensible
formatting, we can always vote down the submission. 
In practice, I doubt this would ever happen.

> All I ask is that, if we in Commons elect to allow
> different coding styles
> per component, we clearly document that decision.
> That way, people won't
> spend time converting an existing component to the
> Sun conventions because
> they thought that was the requirement for Commons.
> (Which is exactly how all
> this started.)

Probably a good idea.  We haven't ammended the charter
in a while, we're probably due.

> Finally, for new code being written specifically for
> a new Commons
> component, that did not originate in some other code
> base, I think it would
> be helpful to suggest a recommended coding style,
> and I see no reason not to
> suggest the Sun conventions for that.

I would agree, but if a congregation of Turbine
developers in the sandbox decide on some other style,
I think it should still be their call ultimately.

- Morgan

> --
> Martin Cooper


Morgan Delagrange

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