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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/digester/src/java/org/apache/commons/digester package.html
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:50:33 GMT
rdonkin     2002/08/19 14:50:33

  Modified:    digester/src/java/org/apache/commons/digester package.html
  Added documentation on the namespace prefix matching trick
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.13      +18 -0     jakarta-commons/digester/src/java/org/apache/commons/digester/package.html
  Index: package.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/digester/src/java/org/apache/commons/digester/package.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.12
  retrieving revision 1.13
  diff -u -r1.12 -r1.13
  --- package.html	31 Jul 2002 18:54:31 -0000	1.12
  +++ package.html	19 Aug 2002 21:50:33 -0000	1.13
  @@ -717,6 +717,24 @@
   Rule Sets</a> if you wish to reuse a particular set of rules, associated
   with a particular namespace, in more than one application context.</p>
  +<h4>Using Namespace Prefixes In Pattern Matching</h4>
  +<p>Using rules with namespaces is very useful when you have orthogonal rulesets.

  +One ruleset applies to a namespace and is independent of other rulesets applying
  +to other namespaces. However, if your rule logic requires mixed namespaces, then 
  +matching namespace prefix patterns might be a better strategy.</p>
  +<p>When you set the <code>NamespaceAware</code> property to false, digester
  +the qualified element name (which includes the namespace prefix) rather than the
  +local name as the patten component for the element. This means that your pattern
  +matches can include namespace prefixes as well as element names. So, rather than
  +create namespace-aware rules, create pattern matches including the namespace
  +<p>For example, (with <code>NamespaceAware</code> false), the pattern
  +'foo:bar'</code> will match a top level element named <code>'bar'</code>
in the 
  +namespace with (local) prefix <code>'foo'</code>.</p>
   <a name="doc.Pluggable"></a>
   <h3>Pluggable Rules Processing</h3>

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