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From Jonathan Carlson <>
Subject RE: [Collections] Release potential?
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 18:18:35 GMT
I'm sorry to bring these things up at a rather late date
but I guess it's better now than after the release.

1) It would be nice to have better class documentation on
the "primitive" package classes.  It is unobvious to me
(looking at the API) what using IntArrayList would "buy" me
other than no ClassCastExceptions.  Is it faster or does it
use less memory or something else or neither?  The API
should be obvious without having to look at the code.

2) ArrayList is a specific implementation that should not
be used in the name of these classes (AbstractIntArrayList
and IntArrayList) because it implies a certain
implementation (namely the use of ArrayList or subclass of
it) that isn't the case.  The differences (ArrayList of
Integers vs. arrays of ints) are very important in terms of
memory usage (see

3) I would greatly prefer to have an IntList interface so I
can declare variables and arguments with an interface
instead of an abstract super class (like we do with the
collection interfaces).  See Joshua Bloch's "Effective
Java" item number 16 on page 84.  He agrees with me too.

Does anyone else see this the way I do?  I'd be happy to
commit documentation improvements (#1), but I don't think I
am known enough to get approved.  (I wrote the
TransformingComparator class which I think IMHO is pretty
well documented).


--- "Jack, Paul" <> wrote:
> > I'm a big fan of having the release notes completed
> prior to 
> > a release.  The release vote then is a simple "these
> exact 
> > bits are what we are releasing" rather than some
> unknown product...
> Ok, I'll work on the release notes then.
> > It seems like everything has been addressed, but I'd
> like to take a 
> > closer look over my todo list.  Unfortunately, I won't
> have 
> > time until at least Saturday.
> Ok.
> > Does this also mean you're volunteering to be the
> release manager for 
> > the release?  :)
> I guess so.  Why not bring my compulsive obsessions with
> the Collections
> API to their natural end...
> -Paul
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Jonathan Carlson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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