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Subject Re: [lang] 1.0 release foci
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:12:01 GMT
> 1) Reflection code. This is still up in the air with ClassUtils waiting
> in the wings. I need to commit ClassUtils into the top dir in sandbox.lang
> so people can have easy access to it.

Separate thread.
> 2) Enum. Stephen submitted his code ideas to the sandbox. Opinions are
> needed etc.

Updated version now in commons proper. Awaiting opinions.

> 3) HashCodeUtils. Stephen just submitted this class. Opinions desired. My
> only one is whether developers are happy for us to make decisions for
> them, like using 37 as the 'random primary number'. Hopefully therre's no
> use case for a developer needing control over that.

Awaiting opinions.
> 4) ExceptionUtils. Some comments from Costin are directing us to the fact
> that the exception sub-package needs enhancement. [Some work has been
> commited on this, there are a lot of suggestions over the mail list that
> need collating]


> 5) StringUtils. Prior to my emergency, I was looking into all String Utils
> packages in the Jakarta CVS. I aim to continue that and continue to suck
> anything useful out of them. In fact I want to find anything with 'Util'
> or 'Helper' in the name, but that takes a little while :) [And of course
> there's the public() to figure out now]
> 6) NumberRange. I looked into adding some operations from an Interval
> class of mine [which came from a Lisp book a while back] and need to
> email with the strategies to see if anyone agrees.
>   Part of this saw me add a min(double[]) and max(double[]) set of
> methods to NumberUtils. Are these [and other primitives I guess?] of
> interest?


> 7) Util.CalendarUtils. There was some suggestion that some time based code
> might make its way into Lang. Am unsure where that all ended up, I know
> CalendarUtils seemed to be on its way into Util for the time being. Any
> other Util classes which are deemed of interest to Lang would be worth
> considering now. It's mainly flotsam.

We need to consider everything in [util] for possible inclusion. CalendarUtils should definitely
be in [lang] in my opinion.


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