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From John McNally <>
Subject [dbcp]
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 07:07:22 GMT
Several weeks ago, I asked to move the main pool in sandbox/jdbc2pool
into dbcp.  This move was approved, though I was asked to wait until
after a 1.0 release, I presumed this would have happened by now.

I'm not sure what the timetable is for a release, but I would prefer
that the jdbc2pool code be part of the release.  I have went ahead and
imported the jdbc2pool code, if anyone is really against this pool going
into the release, -1 and I will remove it or maybe the two packages that
make up the new code can just be left out of the build while releasing. 
But the work of maintaining two versions while waiting for a release was

Another thing that was mentioned earlier was that Glenn, iirc, wanted
the new pool to use the abandoned connection logic.  I could not see an
easy way to incorporate it.  One of the problems is that the object that
is pooled (a PooledConnection) is not the same as the object in use by
the application (a Connection).  There is probably a way to get it done,
but I thought it might be easier to have the code in place, so that
others might be able to provide some input.

john mcnally

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