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From "Robert" <>
Subject [Jelly]
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:53:34 GMT
I've been going through the Jelly documentation with great interest
lately as the company I work for has built an XML-based script engine
for our product and we are thinking of the possibility of swapping that
out for Jelly in the future. My question then is one of design. It
appears that Jelly is focused on a template style approach, i.e. JSP,
Velocity, etc. I make that statement based on the use of the XMLOutput
class for outputting the results of the script. What I need though is
not a template mechanism but a purely declarative invocation mechanism.
Meaning I want to invoke a script which in turn invokes some methods on
objects and get a response back to the caller of the script; a
request/response as opposed to a fire-and-forget model. 
Our current script engine has a request object that gets populated with
parameters/data (similar to how Velocity populates it's context), the
script is executed by name (all scripts are loaded and 'compiled' at
startup), the script populates the response object, and the response
object is given as a return value to the caller when the script is done
Having looked further into Jelly, I can guess that I could model this
behavior by supplying my input parameters in the JellyContext, and have
my script populate the JellyContext with output parameters which my
caller can then pull out as needed. Would this be a fair assumption? If
so then that would be great!
Robert McIntosh

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