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From "Brian Olsen" <>
Subject [VFS][PATCH] ClassLoader
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:17:04 GMT
I finally finished moving the VFS class loader so that it complies with the new location, test
data location and code conventions (removed the m_ prefix :-)

The patch changes the FileObject.getContent implementation so it doesn't fail when called
on a folder instead the individual calls in FileContent that are illegal on a folder ( getInputStream,
getOutputStream, etc ) fail.

If one of the FileObjects in the class loader's classpath is a file the class loader will
try to switch to the "jar" file scheme.

I have also added a unit test that checks the ClassLoader with each provider.

This patch does not support all the features that come with jars, but the ground work is done.
A jar provider is on the way but I have to make the same changes as where made to this patch.

Have fun :-)
- Brian

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