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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [pattern] ThrowableHandler [was Generic interface for handling exceptions]
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 22:45:13 GMT
> > Questions:
> > Should this be ThrowableHandler (Paul), or ObjectHandler (Ola) ??
> > Is there any source available ??
> Well, of course I'm going to vote for ThrowableHandler.  :)
> ObjectHandler is the same thing as Closure.

I think I agree. BTW, pattern uses the term Command instead of Closure.

>  It'd be trivial
> to provide an adapter so that ThrowableHandlers can be passed
> as Closures
> Actually that's probably best as an static factory in ClosureUtils.
> But you see what I'm getting at, both interfaces can live
> happily together.

Yes, this would go in ThrowableHandlerUtils.

> There isn't any source, aside from the ThrowableHandler
> interface I inlined in my message.  I could put together a
> ThrowableHandlerUtils that would have common implementations
> (eg, ThrowableHandlerUtils.IGNORE which is a ThrowableHandler
> that does nothing) and so on.

This would be useful, if you have the time. The CommandUtils might be a
reasonable place to start from.

> Is it intended for Patterns to have dependencies on other
> packages?  Some of the most useful ThrowableHandler
> implementations would depend on [logging] and [net].

Pattern should depend only on [lang]. There may be a case for
logging/net/email handlers though. These could fit with the separate
projects (making them depend on pattern), or in an extended pattern project.
This same issue is going to affect Transformers where a type conversion
system is needed. Also, the Factory implementations maybe should not be in
pattern itself.

Hmm, now I'm not sure of the answer. It must be possible to have a pattern
jar without any dependency except [lang] however. That much seems right.
Maybe pattern produces two jars? Its getting late, I can't think


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