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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: Dependencies
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 10:11:37 GMT
From: <>
> AFAIK the dependencies are listed in the component description - that
> is voted on when the project is accepted on commons and so on.
> I think it is reasonable to expect that changes to the scope of the
> component or depenencies or requirements are voted.


> I don't think commons component should depend on sandbox components.


> But I'm -1 on turning commons into a 'framework' or anything more than
> a collection of tools that could eventually be used individually. The
> patern component is extremely scarry for me - it's the kind of things
> I would try to avoid. Not design patterns, but arbitrary interfaces and
> then attempts to get people to use those interfaces - things like
> Factory, Identifier, Immutable, Identifiable, Command, Predicate, etc.
> They probably belong in avalon or another project, I personally don't
> think commons is the right place. Sorry.

So you don't use java.util.Comparator?

About Avalon: Let me be clear, [pattern] is not intending to be Avalon. I am
not from Avalon. I have not used Avalon. But I have read the Avalon
documentation and like some of the ideas. Inversion of Control in particular
is NOT a commons concept.


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