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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] [patch] classLoader and dynamic tags
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 09:21:11 GMT
Hi Stephen

----- Original Message -----
From: "Stephen Haberman" <>
> Hi,
> With Torque, I was wanting to dynamically use a bean/tag, so I created a
> define:classLoader tag so I could point a URLClassLoader at the
> classpath for the dynamic tag. And then I changed DynamicBeanTag to
> detect whether a dynamic bean is in fact a Tag, in which case, after
> setting the properties, it hands control over to the dynamic tag's doTag
> method.
> I don't know if hacking DynamicBeanTag is the best way to do this, but
> it's working well for me. I've got torque's rttest stuff (almost) all
> running from the maven.xml file without all of the cruft of before.
> If this could get into the next jelly beta and then maven b6, I'd really
> appreciate it, as I'd like to use this with the Torque rttest stuff, but
> I doubt people would like having to get a HEAD version of jelly and put
> it in the maven lib dir just to build torque.

All patches applied now many thanks. Incidentally going forward it'd be cool
if we could reuse the maven/jjar local/remote repository mechanism and
download jelly libraries on the fly, which could help use your own custom
libraries inside maven.

These patches should get in for b6 I would think, which should be happening
real soon.

> (Though on a side note, that's a really a fairly minor thing...ant and
> now maven have made everyone too soft :-).


Live life on the edge, CVS HEAD :-)

> I haven't figured out jelly's unit testing stuff yet, so I don't have
> unit tests for the define:classLoader or dynamic bean/tag stuff I added.
> If the unit tests are a high priority, let me know, and I'll add yet
> another day to the on going process of trying to clean up torque's
> rttest.

No big rush. Probably getting torque's rttest stuff going is higher priority
right now.


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