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From "Stephen Haberman" <>
Subject [jelly] [patch] ant inheritance
Date Sun, 25 Aug 2002 22:57:39 GMT
I'd like to be able to call ant tasks and build files from jelly (and
maven) and have the ant tasks/build files have ready access to the Jelly
context to get variables.

Currently Jelly doesn't have much for this, other than some hooks for
maven to add a type of functionality. However, it's broken, so in the
course of fixing it in maven, I've moved most of the functionality down
to jelly itself.

In the patch, stealing a page from maven's book, Ant tasks executed in
Jelly don't use the ant Project, but commons-grant GrantProject which
can delegate out property functionality.

Commons-grant also now has a DefaultPropsHandler that handles most of
this property delegation, so I added a JellyPropsHandler that overrides
the setProperty/getProperty/getProperties to tie the GrantProject into a
jelly context.

I also cleaned up how the jelly tags get to the ant project. Instead of
passing it around in constructors, each time the AntTag needs to execute
a tag, it gets the ant Project (GrantProject) out of the current

Maven can still over ride the ant project that is used by putting it in
the jelly context with the org.apache.commons.jelly.ant.Project key.

I also added a test case to ensure the property inheritance works as it

If this patch gets committed, could you put a snapshot/dev/beta-4
version out on ibiblio so I can move along and submit some patches to
maven to handle the change? I'd like to get this ant functionality into
the next maven release (I'm not sure when that is...they were talking
about tomorrow) so I can use it in Torque's runtime test suite.


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