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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [Collections] Release potential?
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 19:03:21 GMT
From: "Jonathan Carlson" <>
> 2) ArrayList is a specific implementation that should not
> be used in the name of these classes (AbstractIntArrayList
> and IntArrayList) because it implies a certain
> implementation (namely the use of ArrayList or subclass of
> it) that isn't the case.  The differences (ArrayList of
> Integers vs. arrays of ints) are very important in terms of
> memory usage (see

IntArrayList sounds fine to me. You have a better name?

> 3) I would greatly prefer to have an IntList interface so I
> can declare variables and arguments with an interface
> instead of an abstract super class (like we do with the
> collection interfaces).  See Joshua Bloch's "Effective
> Java" item number 16 on page 84.  He agrees with me too.

You are probably correct, but this can be added after the release.

> Does anyone else see this the way I do?  I'd be happy to
> commit documentation improvements (#1), but I don't think I
> am known enough to get approved.  (I wrote the
> TransformingComparator class which I think IMHO is pretty
> well documented).
details contributing. Documentation patches would be welcomed I think.


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