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From "Jesper de Jong" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] (re-vote) XxxUtils constructors
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:37:09 GMT
--- Ola Berg <> wrote:
> >Thank you. That document says that anyone can vote
> and
> >it does not say I have to indicate that my vote is
> non
> >binding.
> True. But that was the document you asked for,
> anyway.
> There are lots of other unwritten conventions at
> this list, so stay tuned, you (and I) will
> accidentily break them many more times. The fine
> committers here will guide us with their gentle and
> polite remarks when we do, though.

Thank you. Especially when those conventions are not written down somewhere
the committers here cannot expect everybody to know and understand what is
and is not allowed on this mailing list.

> (if the existence of unwritten rules itches you, why
> don\'t you volunteer to collect them and provide a
> patch for the rules and guidlines documents?)

It is not very encouraging if you get a kick in the butt when you try to
contribute some hopefully useful ideas.


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