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Subject Re: [logging] modeler build time or runtime dependency?
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 22:20:54 GMT
On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 wrote:

> I'm familiar with the JMX spec, but not with modeler and how it's intended 
> to be used.
> Are we introducing a build time or a runtime dependency on modeler into 
> logging?  If build time, great (+1).  If run-time, then I'd like to 
> understand the requirements and discuss before going down that road 
> (systems using logging may have conflicting requirements).


Modeler ( or the dynamic mbean in allows you to add 
JMX capabilities to an existing object _without_ any change or run-time
dependency between the object and JMX or modeler.

You only need the component to follow the JavaBeans patterns ( i.e. 
setters ).

In particular Jdk14Log can have a setClassWrapper(String), 
setLevel(String), etc.

Tomcat ( or any other application that wants to use JMX to control the 
logger ) will register Jdk14Log and an XML description with the modeler,
and that's it. 

The application using the logger may depend on modeler or any
other JMX-enabling tool, but commons-logging ( and any managed 
components ) will not depend on any jmx or jmx tool.

( except when you want to do some special things - mess
with registration, notifications, etc !)


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