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Subject [logging] Proposal: exposing config
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 01:09:47 GMT
That's a variation on the 'JMX' proposal. 

The proposal is:

1. No config will be exposed by commons-logging ( at all ). The interfaces
will only deal with logging.

2. Any Log implementation ( i.e. the wrapper you get from the LogFactory ) 
may expose configuration via bean setters or provide access to a JMX 

In other words: 
- we add setWrapperClass() method to the Log wrapper ( but not to the
inteface ).
- we can add other setters ( setLevel, etc )
- we can define an LogMBean with the various methods

Using either Modeler or a simple introspection-based dynamic mbean
it will be possible to take advantage of any configuration that
is supported by the underlying logger. For log4j we should provide
access to the 'real' MBean that is implemented in log4j, for 
jdk1.4 we can write our wrapper mbean as well. 

>From the point of view of a Log wrapper implementation, there is
no dependency or special requirement regarding JMX - all we need
to do is add the JavaBeans methods.

The setters should be used via jmx, but it is also possible to 
cast or use plain introspection to set config properties
on the logger.

Comments ? Votes ? 


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