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Subject Re: Proposal: JSP/JSTL expression language
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 06:15:23 GMT
On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

> > If you can suggest a better place, I'd be eager to hear it.  I'm proposing
> > it to Commons primarily at the suggestion of Craig and others, and it does
> > make sense to me:  it will be used at least by Jakarta Tomcat and Jakarta
> > Taglibs.  We could continue to host it in Taglibs without too much
> > trouble, but it seems more logical to locate a reusable component like
> > this in Commons.  Is my understanding of Commons incorrect?
> As the author of a 'competitive' package, jexl, that will feel some sort of
> competitive pressure (meaning if anyone has anything to lose with it coming
> to commons, I do...) I fully support it coming to commons.  If people wish
> to be able to have a component that needs JSTL EL support, then a commons
> component is the right idea.

Big +1 and many thanks for this attitude. I wish we would see that more 
often and with more people.

BTW, I'm trying to get some 'dynamic properties' support for ant, and 
 both should work with that ( my target was jxpath, but any 'EL' could be 
used in ant's ${} ).

> That said, I do believe that you should reconsider 'el' as the package
> name...

+1 here too.


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