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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [lang] Submission of Avalon.Excalibur.ThreadContext
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 03:45:05 GMT

According to the README, ThreadContext contains utilities for managing
thread context variables.
[no kidding :)].

To be honest I'm not entirely sure I get it. It appears to be a
thread-registry with pluggable mechanism for managing ThreadLocal-like
variables. Pluggable so policies can be set, I assume on pooling etc.

One major issue for me is that it is a framework, it has one central class
ThreadContext and it is expected that developers will supply their own
implementation of a ThreadPolicy. I'm not sure if this is always necessary
or if in most cases it functions on its own, it seems to always be

While I like frameworks, I'm not in favour of them in a core reusable jar
like Commons.Lang. I don't think we should be expecting users to be
extending classes just to use the functionality.

However this might be my feeling that I'm 'not getting it' talking.

To see the code, check out jakarta-avalon-excalibur and goto:


Any views?


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