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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [lang] beta release
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 04:56:02 GMT
One of my suggestions during the discussions prior to the migration was a
timeline. Part of that suggestion was the release of a beta release so
that there is a jar available for people currently using Commons.Lang that
is considered stable.

It also gives us the opportunity to build up a simple website around it
and move it on to the release level.

Does anyone have any opinions on the beta release?

*) Should it be done?

*) Are we ready for a beta?

The beta idea is based upon the Versioning page on the Commons site where
it states a reason for a beta as "Generating a stable version before
large-scale changes", where the large-scale changes are intended to be new
classes and functionality but not changes to the functionality of any
existing methods in the current version of Lang [my view].



[the timeline suggestion, I thought it could be done by early August, but
 there's no need to rush, depends all on the new features. ]

[Tuesday 16th July]
Tonight: Vote for Commons Proper.
Thursday: Migrate to Commons Proper. Release of beta.
Friday: Begin discussion of the 4 or 5 new areas with a focus of closing
each one off within a week.
Weekend/Monday: Begin work on a site and all the necessary admin such as
deployment to Maven, checking on gump etc.

later: All submissions decided upon, submission freeze.
later++: Code/UnitTests should be complete.
later++: Vote on release.

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