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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject RE: [lang] JDK 1.0/1.1
Date Sun, 14 Jul 2002 06:04:29 GMT

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Berin Loritsch wrote:

> Microsoft is really only of academic interest.  Yes they just
> released another version of their JDK 1.1.4, but it is just
> as nonstandard now as it was then.

Hopefully its days of holding applets back are gone.

> As to J2ME, constrained devices present some serious issues.
> My PDA has 2MB of memory for ALL my apps and ALL my data.  Phones
> are not going to be much different.  The newer PDAs have a quite
> roomy 8MB or more of RAM.

Hmm. My wife's 2 year old PDA has 8 megs of RAM and 8 of ROM. Latest ones
such as the Zaurus have 64 MBs. Equally, your point is very valid, there
are many XML parsers in existence because the mainstream ones are 200k and
a waste of space on a pda.

> The important thing to realize with people developing J2ME is
> that every bit counts.  Embedded programming is viewed more along
> the lines of firmware than it is software.  As such, most J2ME
> developers would most likely opt to redo as opposed to reuse.
> If they do use Java Lang, it will definitely not be the whole
> jar.  They will pull out the classes they need, and repackage it
> inside their application.

In the lower J2ME profiles yes. The upper ones, I don't think so. However,
after thought I've decided the whole JDK 1.1 issue is not important.
You're right about them not wanting to use the entire of Java Lang,
exceptions don't exist on some platforms I believe. Might only be waba

More importantly, I believe the upper J2ME profiles will have access to
java.util.List etc, so we don't have to worry about having to use Vector
etc. The market interested in a pure 1.1 environment is not as large as
I'd first thought and I hereby attempt to disown the idea :)


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