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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject [Logging] Configuring JDK 1.4 logging
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2002 05:46:01 GMT
OK, call me an idiot, but I just cannot seem to get Commons Logging and JDK
1.4 logging to log what I want logged. I understand that Commons Logging
delegates to JDK 1.4 logging (in my particular case, since I'm using JDK 1.4
but not Log4j), but nothing I do with files makes any
difference to what I see.

According to the Commons Logging docs, if I'm using JDK 1.4, and I don't
specify any other logging mechanism, then it will use JDK 1.4 logging. This
much seems to work - I do see periodic INFO messages from code I'm using.

Getting more than INFO messages is where I seem to be stuck. My
interpretation of the Commons Logging docs is that I shouldn't have to
configure anything for that, and that the only configuration I should have
to do is for JDK 1.4 logging.

However, I've created files, per the JDK 1.4 logging
docs, with the logging level turned up to FINEST for everything, and still I
see nothing but the occasional INFO message. I've even tried splattering files all over my disk in the hope that I'll stumble
across the right location, and everything will start working, but to no

If there's someone out there who is successfully using Commons Logging with
JDK 1.4 logging, I'd sure appreciate some hints and tips...


Martin Cooper

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