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From Jeff Dever <>
Subject [httpclient] 2.0 Bug/Feature classifications - request for comments
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 03:20:20 GMT
This is a proposed classification of the HttpClient bugzilla bugs.  They
have been carved up into 2 milestones, 2 betas and two release markers.
The rationale for the classification is as follows:

    - Milestones: Features that received the majority of votes and that
have the potential of impacting the external and internal interfaces.
There was some loadbalancing between the two, with the most interface
impacting features pushed to Milestone 1.
    - Betas: Bugs and documentation that must be addressed before the
use of HttpClient2.0 is encouraged.  Beta 2 was left empty as it will be
used for bugs that are reported in the 2.0 development cycle.  Another
beta or perhaps a release candidate may be required, depending on
    - Final: This is where we want to get to!  Left empty for any last
minute issues that come up from the betas.  I personally would like to
see us reach final before the end of August.
    - 2.1: This is for any features that can wait and/or received hardly
any votes.  There has been SO MANY changes since alpha 1 in October
already, it will be good to push as much as possible to 2.1

Please offer your opinions/suggestions if you feel that a bug has been
mis-classified.  If you would like to discuss technical details of a
particular bug, please start another thread or enter comments directly
into Bugzilla.  After a few days of discussion, I'll update bugzilla and
add the bug information into a more formal 2.0 release plan and call a
vote.  The race for 2.0 is on!

2.0 Milestone 1
 6624  double encoding of URLs
 8457  Support proxy authentication
 10798 Redefine HttpClient vs HttpMultiClient interface for 2.0
 10804 Define and implement Logging policy
 10808 configurable User-Agent string

2.0 Milestone 2
 10799 NameValuePair extensions
 10807 Handle virtual hosts, relative urls, multi-homing
 10814 Build environment configuration
 10898 No way to get the requestBody out of a PostMethod or use if
extending class
 10957 Make the Header class respect rfc2616 by enforcing case
insensitive names

2.0 Beta 1
 6513  null domains break
 10809 Developer documentation
 10817 Provide more Example Code
 10973 Setting Socket Timeouts

2.0 Beta 2

2.0 Final

2.1 Final (aka Future)
 8288  user need a way to control cookie policy
 8353  optimization in sending request
 10790 Non-standards configuration and tracking
 10791 HTTP Version configuration and tracking
 10792 Plug-in authentication modules
 10793 User definable default headers support
 10794 User interaction for authentication
 10797 User configurable cookie policy
 10800 Handle Returning Null consistantly
 10801 Handle Null Arguments consistantly
 10805 UnderscoreIsDash http workaround
 10810 Response handlers
 10813 RFC 2965 Support (Port sensitive cookies)
 10815 Instrumentation for Timings
 10816 User/Developer Documentation
 10851 Support for NTLM authentication
 10930 J2EE FORM authentication (also affects pluggable authentication)
 10970 Client side certificate support with HTTPS

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